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There are many occasions, where our support can make life much easier. Not only the „big players“ rely on our special knowledge. Smaller companies and families also know that good event managers are crucial. For a successful event you need a general view of things and strong nerves in the first place. We’ll be right there, where you need us. Once the concept is done, all you need to do is schedule your event in your calendar. We’ll take care of the rest.

Case 1 – Berlin can be tough

It sounds so easy: The client is planning an event in Berlin in a specific hotel. Berlin makes it simple. Find a hotel, book it, done. But a good event agency does so much more.

This is where we, twice MICE, become part of the game. 

We don’t just choose the right hotel for you, we also get the best price. We ensure a hotel visit in advance. You’ll want to know if the pictures on the website are the „real deal“? We are much more than any „normal“ Berlin event agency.

Case 2 – On to new shores!

We love difficult tasks.
For Example: You are planning a stand at an important trade fair in Shanghai. You are planning to invite your future business partner after the day for a dinner. We will find a hotel in the vicinity of the conference site, fitting both your budget as well as any other given conditions. You are eager about everything being handled smooth and without any thresholds. Additionally, you love flexibility, since you never know if dinner will take place, be rearranged or if there are any particular aspects you need to be aware of. No matter what your plans and requirements are: we not only find the right spot for you, we will also take care of any other wishes or obstacles.

Case 3 – A bit here, a bit there

A roadshow is always fun. Travelling and representing your business – is there anything better? As entrepreneur you know, that a roadshow can only be a true success if your staff feels good. Certainly, you have to consider a given budget, the special wishes and needs of your business partners as well as in situ conditions.

Additionally, different roadshow locations require different hotels, which fit all of these needs. The good message is: We are experienced location scouts. No matter how extraordinary your requirements are: we make it all happen!

Case 4 – After a conference in Berlin

While taking part at a conference you have the idea to organize a small, consecutive event for your most important affiliates.

We will find out together at which post-conference event fits and what specials Berlin has to offer. How does a perfect dinner and a visit to the theatre sound? After long tiring hours in the conference hall, it could be nice to enjoy an outdoor experience out of town or a city-tour with real “Berlin locals” and a some nice music. Anything is possible!

Case 5 – We’re a team!

Teamwork is necessary. In order to make that happen, teambuilding is now among the most important activities of a business. Tell us your financial framework plus the average age of your staff and we’ll offer you a whole list of possibilities. We could e.g. take it slow with a gourmet tour – or organize a wild rafting tour. The project has to suit your staff, so that after the event every one of them is at heart part of the team. We can plan a day, where we talk about current topics. Or we could also totally focus on making sure all team members get to know each other personally.


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